Now you've decided to book your session....what next?

Below are some tips to help you and your family be prepared to have a successful photo session......

Choosing a location....

One of the great things about Gainesville is the abundance of (free) parks and outdoor recreation spaces. This list of potential locations is certainly not comprehensive...its just to get you thinking of ideas. I am open to any other suggestions you may have, but here ya go: The Thomas Center, Morningside Nature Center, Possum Creek Park, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, Cellan Oak Park (biggest live oak in the state), Ring Park, Gumroot Swamp, anywhere on the campus of UF, and of course there is always your own yard!


What to wear?

Don't stress! I have some pointers. :) First and foremost, you want to wear something that you are comfortable in! This is really important. It is also important to coordinate your outfits without appearing like you are matching (or wearing uniforms). SO DO NOT DRESS EVERYONE IN THE SAME COLOR! Try to choose colors that complement each other, while avoiding solid black or white. Fluorescent and/or very bright colors should also be avoided due to the colors they cast on skin. Its also best to match your colors to the season, like wearing light pastels in the spring and darker browns and mustards are good in the fall. Khaki, gray, and navy blue are good neutral colors that coordinate with well with other colors. I personally choose a shirt or dress with several colors in it. I then choose clothing in colors that complement the colors in the first item. Try to put at least 1-2 people in neutrals that I talked about above. Try not to put everyone in a pattern or in a solid. I recommend 1-2 people in some sort of a pattern, while the other 2-3 people are in solids. Mix the patterns you use, for example: a plaid and floral, or a stripe and floral etc (not using two plaids or two florals together etc). Try to avoid clothing with big logos, wording, or characters. It's also a good idea to dress everyone in clothes appropriate for the same temperature weather (everyone in long sleeves, or everyone in short sleeves, not mixing tank tops and long sleeves). Below is a link to more tips on how to pull this off! Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions or concerns when choosing what to wear.

What to wear in family photos



What shots are a must have?

Before the shoot, I want you to take some time and think about the types of images you want from your session. Do you want Mom interacting with child, a shot of just Mom and Dad, shots with just the kids? Its good to have a rough idea of what you want, so that I know to get those type shots. Also, most people also have a side that they prefer to have photographed (I know I do!). It helps to let me know if you have a "good" side, because sometimes I forget to ask. 



If you want your kids to cooperate and look somewhat pleasant in your images, there are few things I recommend. First, make sure everyone's bellies are full and no one is hungry. Second, if they are young and require naps, please make sure they get a good one! Tired and cranky means smiles will be hard to come by. Third, choose outfits that are comfortable and temperature appropriate. And last, but certainly not least, C-A-N-D-Y (specifically M&Ms) can be used as bribes to get full cooperation under almost any circumstances. ;)


The Forecast is calling for rain

Well it is Florida and there is usually some % chance of rain. I like to wait until the last minute to call things off. Usually the rain is patchy and doesn't last too long. So when we see the forecast calling for rain 3 days out, lets not reschedule just yet. Lets wait until the day of the session and see what the weather is doing (or not doing!).


How and when do I get my images?

After our session, I am probably as excited as you are to see the images. Within the next couple of days, you will receive unedited proofs to choose from. After you have chosen your images to be edited, I will work hard to edit the images over the next one to two weeks. As I complete the images, I will put them in an online gallery. When I am finished with edits, I will send you a link to the online gallery. You are then able to view, download, purchase additional images, and even share the images from your link....easy peasy. I will include a few of the images in black and white too at no additional cost. 


Now that I have my images, where do I print them?

I sell prints and canvases that can be purchased through your online gallery! My computer is color calibrated with my printing lab so that the exposure, color, contrast, saturation etc will print exactly as I edited and intended.

If you would prefer to print your images with another company, I have a few suggestions. I think the next best online company is, followed by and If you need the prints done locally, there is also Harmon's Photo here in Gainesville. I advise against printing at CVS, Walmart, or any other photo lab of that sort. It will be a total waste of your money.